Walk In Bath Tubs

More people are discovering that they can have all the benefits of our long-proven walk-in bath tubs right in the privacy and convenience of their own homes.

Not only people with handicapped or disabled oriented needs, also individuals who want all the benefits now, or might have special needs as they age into the future. They and their families, especially their children, are also discovering that a Walk In Bathtub could be just the thing that allows them to retain their independence and remain in their own home.

To meet this fast-growing need, we have introduced a new, high-quality line of tubs for the home which incorporate many of the features and bathing Benefits of Institutional walk-in tubs.

Now you can get for your home an easy access walk-in bath to replace your existing tub or shower or for any other situation and of the right size. Tubs are available that provide you an up-to-the-chest soak while sitting comfortably on an ergonomically designed, ADA compliant height seat.

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Then switch on a gentle bubble massage of millions of warm bubbles to relax away the stresses of the day, turn on the whirlpool for a stimulating muscle and joint massage, or just take a shower. You can do it all in the same tub.

Hydrotherapy is now common practice as treatment for such medical conditions like; arthritis, muscular cramps and weaknesses, diabetes, circulatory diseases, back pain, muscular, bone and connective tissues injuries, and balance and stress-related disorders. Treat yourself with the aid of our hydrotherapeutic walk in tub.

Our hydrotherapy walk in tub offers an exciting dimension to your bathroom experience. Hydrotherapy jets are strategically located to give your body their maximum coverage, making sure that your whole body feels the benefits and effects from the bath. The secret for the hydrotherapy bath is that the jets are adjustable; allowing the users to control how much pulse stimulation is needed for your common pains. Only 15 minutes a day can offer relief to common joint pain, muscle cramps and discomforts to greatly increase your quality of health and life.

A ceramic heating element provides warm air that maintains the water temperature and warms the surface. The air spa features a control system that allows for increasing the air flow at a gradual rate of speed at the push of a button. Back-flow prevention spring loaded jets eliminate the need for back flushing air lines, providing for longer life than rubber flap style jets.

Walk into your new bathtub, safely and easily with one of our walk-in tub selections. Walk into your premium tub today!

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Walk In Bath Tub

"For some time my wife, Louise, and I had been considering getting a walk-in tub and when we were contacted by a representative of Northwest Exteriors we were quite interested. We attended a demonstration at their showroom and decided to take the plunge. (pun intended!) We were pleased with the installation. The workers were very professional and did a great job. We are very pleaesd with the tub and would recommend it to others!"

-- Ted and Louise, Fresno, CA


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