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St. Croix Walk-In Tub

The "St. Croix" is a built-in or free standing side access tub with a low threshold door to enable easy entry and exit with or without a transfer device. With its full front and side panels, it can be installed either against a wall or in a corner. With the contoured interior, a bather can sit comfortably in a slightly reclined position. Comes standard with a faster flowing 1 1/2" stopper drain and overflow.

Special Hydrotherapy System

In addition to all the warm Temperature and Buoyancy benefits you get from your tub, you also can add hydrotherapy's third element- Motion

Whirlpool Massage System
  • Swirling, whirling warm water stimulates blood circulation and your lymphatic system
  • Your variable speed control can softly or more vigorously massage sore muscles and joints, while relaxing away the stress of the day

Air Spa Bubble Massage System

  • Warm air bubbles tickle your fancy and everything else... Millions upon millions of tiny bubbles melt stress, aches and pains away
  • Bubble motion triggers touch receptors on your skin which helps further stimulate your blood circulation and lymphatic system

4-in-1 Combination System

  • Everything in one tub - Soaker, Shower, Whirlpool Massage, and Bubble Massage Systems
  • Enjoy as your mood swings - from each by itself, to various combinations to a wild and crazy everything on at once

Special Anti-Scald System

Set the special thermostatic valve to your ideal water temperature and your tub will fill with water at that temperature every bath until you reset it. You can enjoy your bath faster because your tub fills twice as fast with this system vs. Standard plumbing. This operation prevents scalding water from entering your tub.


Natural Pain Relief

  • A warm bath is natural pain relief at its best
  • No pills, no prescriptions, no doctors, no pharmacies

Safest Access Bathing

  • Dramatically reduce your chances of a bad fall
  • This tub can help you ease your mind

Bathing Bliss

  • Few moments in life are more pleasant than a warm bath
  • Enjoy more of those moments every day


  • This tub could be just the thing that allows you stay-at-home independence
  • Bathe in the privacy of your own home at a cost of less than a few months rent in a group facility

Standard Features

  • Width = 32" Wide Tub
  • Length = 60" Long Tub
  • Height = 42" Deep Tub


  • Opening Direction = Left or Right, your choice
  • Opens Out
  • Out opening swing radius = 41"
  • Note: Your out opening tub door should open into your room unobstructed by anything, such as a toilet, door, cabinets, etc. Leave enough space for easy access by wheelchairs, etc.


  • Side Panels = To cover sides if tub located where sides exposed
  • Right Side
  • Left Side

Built In or Free Standing

  • The ultimate in flexibility
  • Can be temporarily installed, and then move with you if you move
  • Can use it now and then build it in with a future remodel
  • All the benefits of a Built In or a Free Standing tub
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Walk In Bath Tub

"For some time my wife, Louise, and I had been considering getting a walk-in tub and when we were contacted by a representative of Northwest Exteriors we were quite interested. We attended a demonstration at their showroom and decided to take the plunge. (pun intended!) We were pleased with the installation. The workers were very professional and did a great job. We are very pleaesd with the tub and would recommend it to others!"

-- Ted and Louise, Fresno, CA



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