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The Stockton Walk-In Tub

The Stockton walk-in bath is a built-in tub with a low threshold door to enable easy entry and exit with or without a transfer device. It can be ordered with or without an upper surround wall. Comes with removable lift access cover. With the contoured interior, a bather can sit comfortably in a slightly reclined position. Comes standard with a faster flowing 1 1/2" stopper drain and overflow.

Special Hydrotherapy System

In addition to all the warm Temperature and Buoyancy benefits you get from your tub, you also can add hydrotherapy's third element- Motion

Whirlpool Massage System
  • Swirling, whirling warm water stimulates blood circulation and your lymphatic system
  • Your variable speed control can softly or more vigorously massage sore muscles and joints, while relaxing away the stress of the day

Air Spa Bubble Massage System

  • Warm air bubbles tickle your fancy and everything else... Millions upon millions of tiny bubbles melt stress, aches and pains away
  • Bubble motion triggers touch receptors on your skin which helps further stimulate your blood circulation and lymphatic system

4-in-1 Combination System

  • Everything in one tub - Soaker, Shower, Whirlpool Massage, and Bubble Massage Systems
  • Enjoy as your mood swings - from each by itself, to various combinations to a wild and crazy everything on at once
Major Benefits

Natural Pain Relief

  • A warm bath is natural pain relief at its best
  • No pills, no prescriptions, no doctors, no pharmacies

Safest Access Bathing

  • Dramatically reduce your chances of a bad fall
  • This tub can help you ease your mind

Bathing Bliss

  • Few moments in life are more pleasant than a warm bath
  • Enjoy more of those moments every day


  • This tub could be just the thing that allows you stay-at-home independence
  • Bathe in the privacy of your own home at a cost of less than a few months rent in a group facility

Standard Features

  • Width = 32" Wide Tub
  • Length = 59.75" Long Tub
  • Height = 38" Deep Tub


  • Opening Direction = Left or Right, your choice
  • Opens Out
  • Out opening swing radius = 41"
  • Note: Your out opening tub door should open into your room unobstructed by anything, such as a toilet, door, cabinets, etc. Leave enough space for easy access by wheelchairs, etc.
  • Upper wall = Shower surround

Built In

  • Ideal for new construction and bathroom remodels
  • Can replace existing showers and tubs
  • Intended for permanent installation
  • Requires hot and cold water in and drainage out
  • Requires household GFI Circuit connection if tub has a hydrotherapy system
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Walk In Bath Tub

"For some time my wife, Louise, and I had been considering getting a walk-in tub and when we were contacted by a representative of Northwest Exteriors we were quite interested. We attended a demonstration at their showroom and decided to take the plunge. (pun intended!) We were pleased with the installation. The workers were very professional and did a great job. We are very pleaesd with the tub and would recommend it to others!"

-- Ted and Louise, Fresno, CA



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